What a specimen of a 21 year vintage I am. :) tehe

What it means to be a man:

I think being a man means being honest in all you do, and always striving to be better. Being knowledgeable about the local and global affairs. Having an educated opinion, standing by it, and always being able to rethink it. About being passionate about life, your interests, your family and friends and your gal. Being a man means living life, laughing, and loving. These are The Things I see, live, do, think, read, watch, love, like, want and more.

Cheers, Jared

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Gift

I was given something, something I asked for.  It was given with hesitation, trepidation, caution written on her face.  It was given with excitement, a smile and a kiss.  It was given freely to me, and I took it greedly.

I held it safe in me, for a time, cherished and admired it.  I gave away a bit of me, more than ever before, more than I thought possible.

Yet, it was not enough.

I broke that gift; I broke my word.  Truly, I did.

I fear I shattered it so...so as to result in the picking up of pieces for longer than deserved.

I pray the sun heals, the ocean breeze soothes.

For this guilt which grips what's left inside longs to do more hurt.

Nay, not what you think - no more for the world, but for I.  Alone.

For this, I fear, is my destiny.

Forever Alone.

I cannot give what I do not have inside.  What I do right and wrong is based on my mind, rationale.  Not the baying of a heart.  That is why I broke hers so, because I was afraid of finding mine.


My wanderlust will carry me on, and perhaps in some sunrise, or some sunset, in a day short or long, quick or slow I will find a spark to light me home.  I do not believe home is your childhood, or your family.  For a time, it will do that home is where my head lies at night.

That light though, when it comes I will know.  It will lead me home.

Truthfully: Home is where the....