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Friday, February 25, 2011

Notes on Meditation

I received some good advice in the comments on my last post from an anonymous poster.

While I can't say I have become a huge meditation aficionado, but I can definitely say that a few things have changed.

First, I downloaded the app "Altered States" from the iTunes App Store, it was pricey @ .99 (as comapred to free :D) but I definitely like it.  I put on the Dreamy Sleep waves and lay back and relax.

I find myself laying on my back, relaxing and slowly drifting off to sleep.  The first night I listened to this whilst sleeping I ended up having three vivid dreams, two of which I'd rather not share, and one which was just odd. 

To sum it up: chat conversation between my girlfriend and I, taking the shape of a set of stairs where each message was a new step, another friend was chatting but I could not see any of his messages, then all of his messages showed up in the form of a stuffed horse on each step where one of his messages was supposed to be, as well as a stuffed horse at the top of the stairs peeking down.  I have no clue.
I have tried one of the methods from the tips.  You are supposed to imagine, with your eyes closed, the symbol for eternity (imagine an 8 turned on the side) and physically trace that image with your eyes closed.  One side represents the past, and the other the future, and the intersection the present...this part was hard for me.  However, focusing my mind on the symbol allowed my overactive brain to calm down.  This was hugely beneficial for putting me in a relaxed state in order to go to sleep.

So, if you're having a problem getting that go-go-go brain to chill out, try these out.



  1. That infinity symbol meditation is a fantastic one. Don't give up on it. The more you do it, the better it gets. At least that's been my experience. Good for you, Jared. Thanks for the article.


  2. Thanks for the comment Crazy Eddie! I'll definitely keep it up.

    Any other advice?

  3. A good one to try with your girlfriend is to lay next to each other back to back breath deeply so you can feel each others breath. Take note of it but do not change your own pattern of breathing. After a few moments your breath will do one of two things, match both breathing in and out at the same time, or mirror while one breaths out the other breaths in. The most important part of this one is to not force it, it will happen unconsciously.

  4. Hey, thanks!

    We'll definitely give it a go and I'll report back once we do, so make sure to stop in to check.