What a specimen of a 21 year vintage I am. :) tehe

What it means to be a man:

I think being a man means being honest in all you do, and always striving to be better. Being knowledgeable about the local and global affairs. Having an educated opinion, standing by it, and always being able to rethink it. About being passionate about life, your interests, your family and friends and your gal. Being a man means living life, laughing, and loving. These are The Things I see, live, do, think, read, watch, love, like, want and more.

Cheers, Jared

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Short Story - The Stupor

This is the story of a young man in college and the things one can put themselves through in Finals Week.  Anyone who has had those times where you stay up for two days studying just for one test will relate to this on some level.

This is also my first attempt at a short story, this is unedited - not rewritten.  I will revisit it soon, and work on it.


The Stupor

He sits in a stupor; his mind wanders the worlds that exist within his psyche. He can imagine the footsteps he leaves behind in the wet sand. He recalls the blades of grass he leaves trampled in his wake. He views the dust he kicks up in the streets of the slums. He thinks of the fingerprints he leaves on the railings of the stairs that lead down to the tube.

Friday, February 26, 2010

1 Thing I Wrote - Thoughts on Power

Judge as you see fit. I live my life.


I am pursuing a successful life.

I do it to bring myself to a point where I no longer am required to work for the next step. I work to bring myself to a point where I am allowed to do as I please, to travel where I like, to learn what I want, to interact with whom I want. Not to please anyone, not to immortalize myself, but to please myself.

I wish to achieve success to the point of my own satisfaction.

I know I will never achieve this, I know I will never be able to act with no connections, but that does not mean I cannot work towards that end.

I work to gather power, in whatever form.

More often it is those who would abuse the power that end in a position of power. This is because they are not concerned with how they manage to receive that power.

I differ not in my pursuit, at least in the relentlessness of it, but in the execution of my power. I will always use the power I have in a way that I feel benefits the human race the most.

The things I do personally are to bring myself to a point where I have power, but that power will be used for the good of the human race, which is good for me.

Power is void of morality; neither evil nor good exist within power. Rather, it is the execution of said power that results in the definition of good and evil.

I must just remember that, often, the greatest harm is done with the best of intentions. That is why I can never act without connections, because my viewpoint will always be what I feel is the best and it is my responsibility to gather around me people who will be willing to express their own viewpoint, to make me rethink my own position, to force me to some sense of objectivity. My position of power, in analogy, will be a plateau, rather than a peak, which only has space enough for me, tall and broad, providing space for my fellows.

I believe that the ends justify the means. It is a cruel belief, and, no, there is not such a thing as a necessary evil; I also believe that life is not the best teacher, just the hardest. Life lessons are usually the only way people learn.

So, I continue to pursue that success and my ideal life. I just always work in veracity, not an idyllic surrealistic reality where logic is equal to fallacy.

The Things I... Will Be Posting for the Future

I will be transferring my short stories to here from Facebook over the next few days, weeks.  I'm not sure how long it will take, they aren't all short stories, some are just anecdotes and thoughts.  I will try and do one, maybe two a day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Things I Learned About Buying Your First Suit

Now, I know, you're probably wondering, what the heck Jared? Right? Maybe not.  While I love getting dirty, wearing jeans and a t shirt, good scuffed up boots, tennis shoes, cleats, etc.  Hiking and wearing dirty clothes for days on end.  Getting all dressed up and dapper just has a whole other appeal to it
You have got to admit, that a man can look handsome in rugged clothes, when his hands and face are wearing just as much dirt, grease, etc., as his clothes are, when he comes inside.  However, when it's time to get cleaned up and go to some formal dinner, or just because, and he is wearing a finely cut suit, all proper and clean, and he just looks dashing.  I love that feeling.  You can turn a girls head real quick with some nice, well fitting, sharp clothes, and an easy smile.

That being said:

I have always wondered about buying suits, once I'm out of college that is, or maybe nearer to graduating.  I was wondering about colors, what is the right color to buy first, what to buy second, third.  Etc.

Today, here, I learned about buying your first suit.

In a nice article, StyleCrave outlines those basics.

So, in a nutshell, he says:

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Things I... A Book to Read

I need a book to read in the airports and while I have downtime in Haiti.

Got any ideas?

The Things I Am Shocked By - Democide - Death by Government

Did you know, that in the 20th Century, 6 time more people will killed by their own government than in all wars, foreign and internal?  A number estimated at 262,000,000.  Yes 262 Million.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Things I Wrote Recently in My Moleskin

  • It's interesting to hear what people actually think.  If people truly think I do things to appease them or get their approval - hah - I do what I do if I like it & to help/advance myself, to set myself up for a better life - to make my life better.
  • If I don't go to Ahmed's engagement party in Egypt & stay at the apartment in Alexandria this summer - I want to go to a Central o South American country & disappear for a month or so - no plans - go where & do what i like - take chances & experience a whole new world - I can do likewise in Egypt with a little more security in the form of  place to lay my head & friends, but Islamic culture is more foreign to me than Latin - even if I know more about Islam - we'll see - I'll do something.
  •  Being busy is - busy, but I never know what to do when I'm not & being busy makes pretending to not be busy, or being lazy, or just ignoring that stuff you need to do, more enjoyable.
  • It shouldn't surprise me, the politeness of Middle Easterners, but that is a side effect of growing up in America.  You think anyone not in the Western world is less civilized than you.  Twain was right about travel.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Things I....Think You Should Know [List of Tips]

Tip 1.  Go to sleep.
      You don't need to stay up and watch that extra episode of Lost.  Go to sleep 45 minutes earlier and wake up 10 minutes earlier, trust me, your body will love you for it.

Tip 2.  Eat something other than Ramen.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things I... Saw Today & Answered Today

I was walking to Halsey Hall today.  That is where Fitness East is located.  While walking down the immense and steep hill that Halsey rests on, I happen to glance above and just beyond it

 Something caught my eye.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Things I am proud of.

Today, my first article ever published appeared on Matador Network.

It is a call for help, to the world, to help me and my group raise funds to go to Haiti over our Spring Break.

While it has been edited and cut down a bit, the main concept and feelings still remain.

I hope that it the call is heeded.  It would be hugely beneficial, and possibly result in a second trip taking place.

This is a dream.