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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things I... Saw Today & Answered Today

I was walking to Halsey Hall today.  That is where Fitness East is located.  While walking down the immense and steep hill that Halsey rests on, I happen to glance above and just beyond it

 Something caught my eye.
I took a second glance and realized that on the top level of the Iowa Memorial Union Parking Garage a tower of sorts protruded up, with a ladder leading up.  Now, because of my vantage point I can't see how accessible it is, if I will have to do some trespassing, but I certainly will get up there.

Once my new camera arrives, I will be taking more pictures, and posting some of them on here.  You can rest assured that I will at least attempt to get a picture from there.


In a different vein:  There was a comment today on the article I published on Matador Network yesterday.  The question was from a lady and she simply asked, if not bluntly, "Why should I send my money to you, when I can send it directly to Haiti?"

A fair question, and a honest one.

This was my reply:

Dear Anonymous,

I meant to respond to your comment on the article, but either you removed it, or one of the editors has removed it.

So, I have taken it upon me to respond directly to you, and your question.

-Why should you (or anyone for that matter) send money to me, when they can send it directly to Haiti?-

To answer your question:

It is a matter of personal choice.  If you have the ability to send your money directly to Haiti for it to be used properly, and trust in that method, than it is obviously a good choice to do just that.

In the same way, we, Students Helping Haiti, here at the University of Iowa are providing people with a way to have a direct impact on Haiti.  Essentially, sending money directly to Haiti as well. 

Like I said in the article, we will not be just going down there to tour and look sad.  We will be doing work, putting money into the economy, perhaps not on a massive scale, but it is more than before.

So, where you send your money is a personal matter.  I'm simply letting people know that if they want to send money to us, they can, and they will see real results through us.

Thank you for your honesty. 

Kind Regards,
Jared Krauss

I hope that I was able to convey the fact that I am not here to just take money and run with it, but to help Haiti.  That is my purpose in all that I do for this.

Before I could answer on the website where my article is, it had been removed.  By whom, I do not know.  So, I had to send an email directly to her. 

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