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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Things I Learned About Buying Your First Suit

Now, I know, you're probably wondering, what the heck Jared? Right? Maybe not.  While I love getting dirty, wearing jeans and a t shirt, good scuffed up boots, tennis shoes, cleats, etc.  Hiking and wearing dirty clothes for days on end.  Getting all dressed up and dapper just has a whole other appeal to it
You have got to admit, that a man can look handsome in rugged clothes, when his hands and face are wearing just as much dirt, grease, etc., as his clothes are, when he comes inside.  However, when it's time to get cleaned up and go to some formal dinner, or just because, and he is wearing a finely cut suit, all proper and clean, and he just looks dashing.  I love that feeling.  You can turn a girls head real quick with some nice, well fitting, sharp clothes, and an easy smile.

That being said:

I have always wondered about buying suits, once I'm out of college that is, or maybe nearer to graduating.  I was wondering about colors, what is the right color to buy first, what to buy second, third.  Etc.

Today, here, I learned about buying your first suit.

In a nice article, StyleCrave outlines those basics.

So, in a nutshell, he says:

  • Buy in grey or blue first.
  • Avoid blues that are either, so dark they are nearly black, and anything as bright as royal blue, or more so.
  • The lighter the color, the more casual the suit.
  • In grey, again, beware greys so dark that they are nearly black.  A mid-grey or charcoal works well.
  • These colors compliment most men's skin tones.
  • Buy a regular cut, two or three button suit. Depending on whether you're English or American, or like either style more, you will either get padded shoulders or not.  American styling tends to avoid padded shoulders.
  • After you buy both a grey and blue suit buy these pieces next, avoid other colors here as well, and buy in this order: 

  1. Blue Blazer.
  2. Chalk Stripe Suit (Think Al Capone).
  3. Double Breasted Suit (Buttons like a pea coat)
  4. Prince-of-Wales Check Suit.(First picture to right for general idea)
  5. Three Piece Suit. (Second picture for good look.)
  • If you are going to venture into other colors in the cuts, go for green and brown.
  • The same guidelines apply about buying in green and brown.
  • Once you have a well established wardrobe, start getting interesting.  Bright colors in accessories, shoes, handkerchiefs, ties, cuff links, tie bars, etc.
  • Remember tweed cloth, the dominant attire of English casual dress.

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