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Monday, February 14, 2011

I Want to Learn to Meditate

I want to learn.  For various reasons.  Any good resources, ideas, thoughts?



  1. One of the easiest ways to start meditating is counting. Count your breath, inhales and exhales. Try and get them to match, then try and count as high as you can. Each time you do it you should be able to inhale and exhale for longer periods of time. It's pretty simple but it really works. Another way of meditation is to close your eyes and picture the infinity sign. Trace it with your eyes (in your mind) and play with the speed you trace it and the size of the sign. Think of one end as the past and the other the future and where they cross in the middle is the present. focus on how they all connect and stay continuous with each other. Another is the "I Am" in your head repeat the saying i am...... and add something different each time. some to look up are The 3rd Eye Meditation, OM and On shanti, and The Soham Meditation. There are many more, yoga helps a lot.

  2. Hey! Thanks, Anonymous! My girlfriend and I are interested in doing it to help us relax, keep from getting too stressed out from the busy busy life that is college students (almost sounds ironic).

    Where'd you learn all this from, I'm curious?

  3. I do a lot of yoga and actually believe it or not in high school. I had a dance class with this big hippy teacher and we did a lot with meditation. There is also always the tensing and relaxing of your muscles starting at your feet going through each muscle till you get to your head. Also the emanating light, where you picture a light in the center of your chest and as you get deeper in your meditation it gets brighter. One thing we do in yoga a lot is visual stuff, my favorite is picturing your laying next to a river and every thought or distraction that passes through your mind spills into the water... its kinda abstract but it really helps me, my mind tends to wonder a lot! they all sounds really weird when you say them out loud but doing them is way different. Hope they help, good luck to you and your girlfriend, I know how it is to be a stressed out college student.