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What it means to be a man:

I think being a man means being honest in all you do, and always striving to be better. Being knowledgeable about the local and global affairs. Having an educated opinion, standing by it, and always being able to rethink it. About being passionate about life, your interests, your family and friends and your gal. Being a man means living life, laughing, and loving. These are The Things I see, live, do, think, read, watch, love, like, want and more.

Cheers, Jared

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Before the Sun Falls

Decisions lie in wait, lingering until the sun falls.

I was walking in the midnight hour, stumbling and falling, walking circles in the dark, clenching and yelling, keeping silent and releasing, and now dawn has broken -the sun has risen, triumphantly, above the horizon to send beams of light coursing through the breaks of the trees- allowing me to see clearer.

Here is where I am now, and here I shall reside until the sun, with the passing of time, rises high above my head.

Yet, before the sun falls, I will no longer stand in these same shoes, make the same marks, or tread so light, but rather will I be walking, barefoot (to truly feel the earth beneath my toes), my toes will grasp the dirt beneath them, and I will tread strong and proud.

This all before the sun falls.

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