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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Most Recent Letter to Grassley

Dear Sir,

Your support of the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes, no matter how you spin it, the ability for the indefinite military detaining of any prisoners deemed terrorist by the government without charging, as well as the militarizing of law enforcement, is absolutely disgusting.
How you pander to the people and promise to promote their needs.  How you lie and serve the hegemonic values that dominate our society, the hand shake between corporations and politicians, blocking any progress for a real equitable economy.  You serve those who demand that their amassing of wealth is for the good of the economy, their employees, the country as a whole, that they support capitalism, but they do not participate in the paradigm of capitalism they spew (similar to how our government does not participate in the paradigm of democracy it casts forth with its wide net of pillage).  They have created their own world where few and fewer laws apply to them, where money determines the out come of elections and policy, and not the constituents, common sense, or logic (I should note, I am always encouraging that you actually work for the good of the 99%).  You serve a minority. 
I am saddened that you hold this title, I am saddened we were duped, and blind before; I was young—still am..  You sir, are not deserving of your position.  Not alone for this act do I condemn, but for your misguided positions, your support of the GOP's ridiculous measures, cutting funding for education and health care, social security, and instead tearing down programs that support social fabric and building another iron curtain propped up by your machines of war which perhaps you, but assuredly your compatriots, prosper from.  If only Andrew Jackson were still alive, or another of our first five or so presidents.
It would be interesting to see the result of truth being something held dear in the positions of power around the world.  I hold no hope out for you, though.  Fade, fade away, sir.  And, please do not come back to office.  Give me your facilities and your money, and the ability to appoint my own staff and I shall correct your wrongs, or fight for the causes which are truly right: the protecting of our environment, and the land, allowing for the option of universal health care in our country, protecting the rights of the people (as opposed to taking them away), upholding the Constitution (instead of making a mockery of it), and leading by an example of honesty (where as you are a walking fallacy).

I'm off to bed now, I must sleep.  For I am not even done with college, and know I will be paying for a long time, and longer still if you have anything to say about.  Before you leave, do feel free to change your ways, I promise I won't accuse you of flip-flopping alla Al Gore.

Jared Krauss

P.S. I’m one of those people who is actually trying to go out into the world and represent what an American should be, an intelligent, curious, kind, compassionate, determined, honest, trustworthy human being.  I’m studying Arabic and Islam, so I actually can begin to understand.  This is how we should be securing America’s future around the world, not with bullets and bombs, but maybe books, coffee, and conversation.

P.P.S.  Support the legalization of marijuana, and decriminalise the rest, provide treatment at all levels, and take this out of the control of the police, and into the hands of professionals, health care professionals (this goes back to universal health care).  You’re a fool for not.  We’ll save so much money in the war on drugs, read up about what happened in Portugal, use your head, it’s common sense.  What is even the matter with you?  My old debate teacher had a saying, “You can ignore reality, but eventually it’s going to bite you in the ass.”  Not so poetic, but it gets the point across.

A bit rash? Perhaps, but I'm fed up.  What say you?

Links: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2011/11/201111211444824612.html - Portugal and decriminalisatio

A good article on the National Defense Authorization Act: http://motherjones.com/mojo/2011/11/senate-begins-debate-bill-would-authorize-indefinite-detention-americans

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  1. Nice letter. I read it but unfortunately Chuck Grassley won't unless you shoved a stack of thousand dollar bills into the envelope with it.

    ..and Andrew Jackson was a genocidal maniac war criminal but what president hasn't been?

    Best regards from Peru

  2. Thank you for the comment.

    The Andrew Jackson comment had a few more sentences I removed for the sake of the Secret Service, so they could not misconstrue my letter.

    It was something along the lines of Andrew Jackson once beat a would-be assassin in old age, with his cane and held him until his security arrived. I wonder what he'd do to you in Congress. kind of thing haha