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Friday, April 16, 2010

Life is a Bunch of Mini-Adventures

Tonight was a mini-adventure.  All those mini-adventures throughout your life add up to make your life an adventure, but if you never take that risk to deviate from your path, you'll live a life of.........A life without adventures.  ....I sure as hell don't want that.

Hy-Vee has an organic section where you can make your own trail mix.  While we stood there in the aisle with our large, obnoxious blue race car cart I continually took hand fulls of chocolate covered raisins.  Handful by handful, I ate more than my fair share.  Meanwhile, we went through every scent in the essential oils rack, my favorites were Lemon and Sweet Orange.  They had that sweet, sugary smell with citrus that just invigorates you and makes you smile.  It's the slow creeping, undeniable smile that you get when something is just plain good.  I kept going back for more handfuls though.  Even while we were in the other section over, I would go back and grab more.

Getting that cart through the check out line was interesting to say the least.  I had to reach to my finger tips to grab the stuff in the back.  The cashier just stood there  blankly, watching me struggle.  I just laughed it all off, who really cares.  But that POS could of helped haha - Instead he just stood around and watched me struggle to grab that last item, the block of sharp smoked cheddar.

On our way home, Rachel suggested we pull over to go swing at the small park across the river from Mayflower, where the open pool is.  Nolan and I had a competition on the swings to see who could go from a stand still to so high that we got the chains on our swings to go slack.  With extreme exertion, Nolan yelled, "You bitch!" I was winning and facetiously yelling, in a slow-mo inspired voice, "NOOOOOOOOO!"  I ran over to the other side of the playground to hop on the horsey see-saw.  Nolan hopped on the other side of me, bad idea.  While he was on the phone I proceeded to forcefully shove his side of the see-saw up into his crotch.  It eventually resulted in the head of the horse slamming into him.  I was victorious again with an outburst of, "Oh my testicles!"  With a hop, a skip, and a jump I was at the slide.  This was my mistake.  As I went down, I realized that static electricity in a span of 2 seconds, shocking you about 10-15 times can and will hurt.

As me and Nolan headed back towards his car, that faint smell of something burning reached our noses.  I turned to see Rachel with her orange baby lighter attempting to light a leaf on fire.  Me, being the pyro that I am had to join in her efforts.  My brilliant suggestion: "Let's light the trash can on fire."  It's steel, so there wasn't much to worry about.  I picked up one of the white paper trash bags littering the insides of the barrel.  I held it as Rachel attempted to light it.  After a few failed attempts she managed to get the bottom end lit.  I held it upside down to speed the process up.  Once it got close enough to burn my hand, I dropped it in.  I know, you and I both, always want that huge sudden flame to shoot up, but alas this was not to be for us.  Slowly it withered by the flame, until the small fry containers from Wendy's caught, and slowly other pieces of trash became alight.  As we stood there, Nolan taking pictures of us looking as evil as our faces could in the firelight, Rachel says, "I feel sort of like a hobo."

All in all, it was a fun night.  Friday night was one of the best nights in a long time.  Nearly my entire Freshman year.  It was just a good time.  I constantly found myself smiling.  Sure, there have been more exciting nights for many different reasons.  Last night though, was just fun, no worries, happiness everywhere.  Thanks Sylviane for that. ;)  Tonight was good too.  I was lazy around my dorm all day, sleeping the entire time.  Literally, I slept for probably 17 hours today.  Now, I'm going to go to sleep again.  Yeah.  I know.


P.S.  Check out this song: We Are - Kids in the Way

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  1. I hate that you have this much fun without me...

    Kidding I am.. sometimes it's nice to remind ourselves what life was like when you could just swing, run and play tag.. without having to worry about anything else afterwards..

    You & your friend could have caused an explosion..
    better be glad you didn't...