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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Best Coffee in the World, I Had in Haiti

Haitian Joe coffee....Hopefully it tastes just as good as I remember coffee in Haiti tasting.  

After the earthquake last year, I went to Haiti to help out.  As most of you reading this will know.

I spent all of my time in Les Cayes, in the South West. We stayed with a priest at a Catholic retreat house. We gave them more than enough money to feed our troupe of 14 or so, the priest, the nuns, and the people who worked there. 

They made good use of that money, making some of the best food I've ever had and feeding others who came and stayed there as well. Every morning though, they brewed us a coffee that was local, the same thing each time. This was what I looked forward to especially in the mornings.  At night they almost always served this broth of a potato soup that I was just in love with.

I had a special love for the coffee though.  It gave me my love of coffee, and the milk, I'll swear it seemed fresh too, or perhaps just fresh from the store.  I would pour a little milk in there, and then take a spoonful of cane sugar, which I'm sure is from Haiti as well, and drink some of the best coffee of my life.  

Here is a picture of me and my best friend Jani holding our cups of coffee, dirty in our white t-shirts, loving the coffee we drank every morning for a week.

My reasons for thinking of this were from a post on Valet Mag.  This is the article, here.  This is the website where you can by the coffee, it's called Haitian Joe.  This coffee is grown semi-wild in the mountains in South East Haiti, about a days drive from where I spent my time.  It's bean is completely unaltered, tracing itself back to the first fruit grown outside of Ethiopia, now that's some heritage.  Not to mention, the Haitian people are benefiting from it.  So, why wouldn't you want to buy it.  Not to mention it's of a specialty grade, the only Haitian coffee in America that can claim that.  The coffee is also Fair Trade certified, meaning the growers, receive payment that they should, and are not shorted.  

I'd love to try, so feel free to buy me some. :D

P.S.  This picture was before I cracked my head open (see blog's [previous] main picture).

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  1. I see you've betrayed starbucks.

    Good going, Krauss.