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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Blue Jeans ARE Good!

I was reminded by a shot from Scott on The Sartorialist how good a clean pair of jeans can look on anyone.  I'm not talking about Silver Jeans, or Hollister/Abercrombie hole-ridden, pretend to have worn for 10 years jeans, or all those fancy ones with special back pocket stitching and the like.

I'm talking about good ol' blue jeans.  Yes, it is possible to buy GOOD blue jeans for about $40.  That said, you can certainly spend a LOT more.  Blue Jeans have been talked about in the blogosphere hundreds of times, but I just wanted to share a little tid bit with you.

This pretty little lady here. From The Sartorialist

Those jeans are clean, they don't stick to her every inch, they fit her body where it needs to (if you were wondering, that's the ass, which looks just fine in this).  It's a mature look, while still being casual.  No jeggings here.

I bought my favorite pair of blue jeans in March from Levi's website.  THere was a sale (as they oft do) and I got them for less than $40 before shipping.  I went with the shrink-to-fit, indigo, here.

There are plenty of options from the 501's just posted, on Levi's site, to these 501 original selvedge for $178.

Both of the above will break in the more you wear them.  I'm in love with my jeans, I wear them nearly every day, usually about 3-5 times a week.  You may wonder about cleanliness, but I'll post on that later, as well as some pictures of my jeans after about 3ish months of wear.

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