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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reaction Gaddafi's Death


Watch these videos:

Imagine you are the wife of a man whom you love and respect, despite all his eccentricities.

Imagine you are the daughter of a man whom has given you everything you could ever need, provided for every want, given opportunities that have not been afforded to the rest of the world.

Imagine you are the son of a man who has trained you, educated you, given you the skills and ability to make something of yourself, for good or bad.

Imagine you are the best friend of a man whom you watched give away billions in dollars to help his country, his continent.

you woke up this morning -as one of the aforementioned- and you saw the video of that man, bloodied, shaking, confused, dying, while lying on a transport speeding and bumping across the Libyan desert, with people screaming all around him as his blood soaks the clothes covering the wounds in his body. 

Imagine you woke up and watched a video of that man stumbling on his feet as he tried to make his way somewhere, somehow. 

Imagine you woke up this morning and you saw the video plastered all across the world, the same video the President of the United States saw, that the Prime Minister of England, France, and Germany watched.  

Imagine that you read headlines and statement from around the world that read: 

Hillary Clinton responding with just "Wow." at first and then mild amusement at his capture here.
Seeing the bloodied and deathly pale face of that man on the main page of Fox News with the headline “Qaddafi [sic] is dead … Absolutely dead.”  Showing the world his bloodied face, a whiter shade of pale. 
Or perhaps you wanted to see how MSNBC declares, everyone in Sirte saw the body, and then gives you the chance to project to the world what they think of "The life and times of a despot":
Group Think.

In the West, proponents of peace and love, democracy and due process, rejoicing in the death of anyone person... -the situation seems hypocritical to me. If your motives for his removal from power are for the peace and prosperity of the Libyan people (as NATO and it's components declared, and not for oil...wait, not for oil?  Unthinkable.), then you should be more focused on Libya's infrastructure, the way they will build a government representative of all and exclusive to none.    Of course, be glad Gaddafi is no longer in the picture, but to rejoice? 

While we're on NATO's "humanitarian bombing", check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG1O1kj9Ef8&feature=player_detailpage#t=191s  - WARNING VERY GRAPHIC

You think "humanitarian bombing" exists?  They were there to protect the people, and instead they killed the civilians. -Tangent

You are not on the ground in Libya, you have not had the sand in your mouth as bullets ring out around you, huddled against the ground, trying to save your own life, scared of losing it to one bullet or another.  You've not felt the oppression of the regime, seen your friends taken away, money hoarded to the top, and the rest of the people forgotten.  Sure, be empathetic, be sympathetic, but consider the way in which you rejoice.   You have the ability to respond rationally to the news. You can exercise patience, humility, judgement, respect. You are a thousand miles away.

I'm not telling you how to think, or what to do; I'm only suggesting that you think critically, that you consider your actions and your responses.

This is for the people in the rest of the world, this is not for the people who fought to end the rule of an oppressive regime.

I am not saying I support the decisions of Gaddafi.  I am saying that we demand human rights, respect for the inherent dignity in our fellow man and our environment.  Well, where in those videos at the top, the headlines in the pictures do you see respect?  I see the disrespect of a human body, post-mortem.  What I see is group think happening, everyone assuming this is okay, or at least not saying much about how wrong it is. The same thing happened with Hussein, Bin Laden, Awlaki and his son.  YES!  Two American citizens were killed in the past two weeks.  AMERICAN CITIZENS!  The President gave the order to kill, without even attempting to capture, two American citizens without them being tried in a court.  

Yes, let's rejoice at that. Let us unite the country (America) under this feeling of elation at the death of another human being, let's get that group think going. Let us assume it is okay to kill and rejoice, but only if it's in the name of good! …


Only if it's in the name of good? That's a slippery slope if I ever saw one; you're like to go a sliding down that sand dune when you try and tip-toe the top of it.

All I'm saying is think before you rejoice at the death of a man whom to some meant the world, meant love, meant cherished moments, memories of smiles and laughter.
All I'm saying is have the respect that you demand.
All I'm saying is be the change you want to see in the world.
All I'm saying is: What the fuck, man?

This is not concise at all.  This is a reaction.  This is my feelings pouring out.  Don't be petty and pick apart everything I say, or do; I don't care.

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