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Thursday, October 13, 2011

What I Think the Occupation Is & A Call to Arms - Revised

If we are anything, we are plural; meaning, we are all individuals acknowledging that the status quo is not working and needs to be changed. We all have our own personal opinions as to the solution, but the Movement as a whole has no single ideology.  Thus, we utilize the ability to speak and to listen to each other in a calm rationale way, and work towards compromise that is continually in the pursuit of improving our community.

We are attempting to build a community which represents the best of all aspects of our species at this moment in time, in order to give proof to the pursuit of perfection, and encouragement to striving thereof.  We, the Occupiers, are here to stand in solidarity with anyone whom feels the status quo is broken, and that there needs to begin to be actual dialogue amongst the populace, and not among a few elite who serve to only better themselves.

When the people as a whole come together to work towards the betterment of not only themselves, but their fellow man, the ones standing to their right and left and to those reading the same words on a different screen somewhere else in the world, we begin to take steps in a direction which is both general and specific to the needs of the people.

By involving the populace on the decision making of policy, you being to have a policy that is actually representative of the people, rather than of a few's interpretation of the people's voice, which, in the current paradigm, the 'people's voice' amounts to the amount of money a lobbyist places in the pockets of politicians.

Currently, it is implied in our party-politics-representative-democracy that we as the 99%, the general population, are not intelligent enough to be informed on the issues pertaining to our country and inter & intra-country relationships and policies.  The collective knowledge and ability for understanding of complex ideas amongst the general population has risen to a point where our former modal of government no longer accommodates that collective intelligence.

There needs to be a change to a form of government which is more fluid, more adaptable to the people's demands.  Society has progressed past the current form of governance. In history, anytime this is the case, the people take to the streets demanding a changing of the guard, in essence.  And, if successful, it results in a government which attempts to be representative of the best ideas for the greatest good of people.

We have reached a peak though, where we have attempted throughout history to do the best good for the greatest amount of people by generalizing.  We have attempted to correct problems at such a large scale that we ignore the fact that the problems are multi-faceted and arise from a myriad of issues.

Thus, by allowing diversity and disagreement, having open dialogue to discuss the problems amongst individuals, share knowledge so each other can better understand, we begin to develop a society that allows for plurality. 

We begin to have a society where plurality is preferred.

So, will you join me?  Will you no longer accept that 'we have it pretty good' and instead demand better from ourselves, demand to be the best, to strive towards a better society, a better culture a new paradigm where oppression is collectively looked down upon.  Demand to be heard.  Demand your freedoms and liberties.  Demand of yourself and your fellow citizen that we represent the best, that we take back the image of America from the plutocracy and mold image with our own voices.  We are America, the People are America.  It's time that we use the voice we have kept silent.

All that is written here is the opinion of one, Jared Krauss.  I in no way am representative of the group, and am solely expressing my own ideas.  This in no way can be interpreted to be representative of the Occupy movement.

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  1. You're so passionate.

    I think that's why I Love you, friend.