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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Haiti: A Volunteer Trip

Hey guys!

I'm sitting in a little cafe restaurant place, it has Dunkin Donuts and some place where you can buy a breakfast platter, eggs, bacon, potatoes, and a biscuit.  I obviously bought that.  I had Dunkin Donuts yesterday Mom.

I'm in the Fort Lauderdale Airport, and my flight leaves in about 40 minutes for Port-Au-Prince, boards in 10 minutes.

I'm having troubles figuring out my card reader for my memory card, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to upload photos and video or not, until I get back.  However, I'll do my best.

In the meantime, I'll be posting anecdotes.

 Yesterday, our flight left around 8AM from O'Hare, and we didn't land in FLL until about 1:45PM, local time.  That's near 3 horus longer than it is supposed to be.  Stupid storms in FLL kept us out.  We flew around and around and around and then finally up to Miami.  There, we refueled and were able to shoot into FLL between weather, that never appeared!  Jamie and I got a taxi from the airport to our quaint little motel, America's Best Inn Airport.  It was a pretty nice place.

We decided on some exploration, aka a five mile walk.  The entire day, everyone was fascinated by my shoes, Vibrams.  Three security guards through security in O'Hare, some family form Greece, an employee, and a group of college kids who used their ASL translator to ask me all about them.  It was pretty interesting.  Anyways, we had been walking all day, I hadn't slept in like 30 something hours, but, whatever, were almost in Haiti.

We walked, and walked, and walked.  Finally making it to a point where we no longer wanted to go, and decided to go back to this Irish Pub we had passed on the way down, that looked really cool.  This is after watching people decorate cakes in a large window at the culinary school, that was cool.

Waxy O'Connor's Irish Pub was truly a pub in South Florida.  You could tell all the crowd in there were locals and really hung out there.  Except, they were the tall rich folk of FLL.  Still, it was very cool.  I know, dumb of me, but I got a chicken sandwich.  Why would I do that when I could have gotten bangers and mash, or something truly Irish.  I was feeling the chicken sandwich, and it was well rewarded.  Oh, and there was a Croation couple who were also amazed by my shoes. :D

We got back to the motel, and we were relaxing.  I opened my computer to get on and the internet didn't work.......Crud.  I went into the little office/lobby area.  I walked in through the door, and a very welcome happy sight greeted me.  Two men drinking Budwiesers (Note: Yes, I drink, I'm not the perfect angel some of you may think I am.)  The host must have thought I was 21 or just didn't care, because two hours later when I had left, 4 or 5 Buds from bottles were in my stomach, and I was ready to pass out, which I did.  It was a very welcome and relaxing way to spend the night.  They were also amazed by my shoes.

I'll get back to you guys as soon as I can, from Haiti.  Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.

Leave in the comments the kind of stuff you would like to hear about.


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